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Welcome to 4SME - The Small Business Portal

Almost everyone has thought of starting a small business at some point in their lives; sometimes as a result of spotting a need or opportunity, sometimes simply to get out of working 'for someone else' and sometimes as a sideline. SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) account for a the largest proportion of the UK's Gross National Product of all sizes of business, so we believe they should be supported to ensure as many of them as possible survive and prosper.

This site makes available information, advice and a central forum for small business people and prospective small business people alike. Running a small business can be an exceptionally rewarding (in satisfaction and financially) activity but is not easy. The demands it can place on the individual or individuals in charge can make running an SME a lonely and frustrating occupation, but 4SME is here to help.

Whether you are tentatively thinking about starting a business, have started but need support, or have advice to give, 4SME aims to provide a focus which all can gain from. Having said all of that, this is a new site, and as such is continually under development.

Do you have a good writing style and some spare time?
We are looking for content authors; either experts in their field of advice, or people who have 'been there, done that' - typically people who actually run their own businesses. We are keen to have proper "from the coalface" articles from any sector of industry. Please contact us if you can offer content.

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